We are pleased to announce that the next CALIBRA meeting will take place at UNESP premises, Presidente Prudente (Brazil), on May 23th and 24th, 2013. The venue will be at Fundacte Auditorium, located in the UNESP PP Campus.

The meeting agenda is available here.

Find below information that may help you to organize your trip to Presidente Prudente.

Hotels at Presidente Prudente

Find below some options of hotels at PP:

Aruá Hotel
Av. José Soares Marcondes Cel
Nº 1111
Presidente Prudente - SP
Phone: +55 18 2101-4666

Hotel Portal D' Oeste
Av. Brasil, 1501
Presidente Prudente - SP
Phone: +55 18 2101-0000

Gralha Azul Hotel
Av. Antônio Canhetti, 901
Presidente Prudente - SP
Phone: +55 18 3918-7000

Ibis Hotel
Av. Manoel Goulart, 2070
Presidente Prudente - SP
Phone: +55 18 3355-6363

Flying to Presidente Prudente

Those coming from abroad will land at Guarulhos Airport. To fly to PP, you have to change airport. You can fly either from São Paulo, Congonhas (Gol) or from Campinas, Viracopos (Azul).

Brazilian Airlines